Our School

Huron Park Secondary School is located in the friendly city of Woodstock, Ontario.  Huron Park was built in 1955 and prides itself on a long tradition of academic excellence. We welcome over 800 students in grades 9 to 12 who embody the moto Pride, Respect, and Responsibility.

Huron Park’s academic programming support students with diverse abilities by offering programs that includes developmental education, transition and ASD programming, core and elective subjects offered in essential/workplace, open, applied, and academic pathways, and talented and gifted programming. This wide spectrum of programming prepares our students for their future.

Our extracurricular opportunities complement academic classes and provide extensions for those students in areas of interest such as the arts, technology, sport, clubs, and charities. All of these enhance our student’s leadership development and continue to make a positive impact on our school culture.

We are proud of our school, its history, and all of our achievements both academically and beyond.

Principal: Tiffany Birtch

Vice Principal: Kirby Duffy

 School Organization
At Huron Park we are fortunate to have 59 classroom teachers complemented by 2 guidance counsellors, 1+ student success teacher, 3 full resource programs including DE, ASD, and Transitions, an ESL program, a teacher librarian, and a number of educational assistants.
Huron Park has 3 main goals:
  • To improve the academic success of all students with a focus of improving both literacy and numeracy skills.
  • To continue to enhance our culture for learning and wellness including resilience, building positive relationships, and promoting equity and inclusion for all.
  • To further develop learning and achievement while pursuing professional and instructional growth to incorporate best practices and technology into classroom strategies.
 Measures of Student Achievement and Success
At Thames Valley, we believe that assessment and evaluation of student achievement are integral parts of the learning process. Information gathered through assessment and evaluation helps teachers to determine students' strengths and weaknesses in their achievement of the curriculum expectations. It also serves to guide teachers in adapting curriculum and instructional approaches to students' needs and in assessing the overall effectiveness of programs and classroom practices. A variety of methods are used to gauge student progress including: teacher observation and conversations, projects, and other examples of student demonstrated work.

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